Grey days

Some days are grey days. Like dirty dish water. Yesterday's newspaper- worn, torn and faded. No great rhyme or reason, no big event, no drama. No "because" or "why" and especially "solution". Just grey, grey grey. A mantra for the hopeless, a tuneless ditty for bowed heads, lifeless eyes, slouching hearts.

Some people have grey days more than others. Some you would look at and say: "What reason have they got to complain?" And others, well, you would get it, or just think you got it. And really you would only see the hint of the shadow, or the footprints of that black dog. Snapping at the ankles.

Some hide it better than others.

The idea you will never amount to anything, you're wasting your time. You'll never be as good as x and y. One day you'll be gone and no one will remember you and you'll be nothing, nothing nothing.

Days like these, when asleep seems better than awake, and time slows down. Frame by frame, the moment in the film when the hero takes a bullet, sinks to the floor.

But you bought me roses. And the grey dissolved. Replaced by velvet red, and vibrant green. And you hold me so tight, and wring it out of me - drop by drop.

Thank god for you.


  1. How beautiful! You have a great talent. Don't stop.

  2. What Lo said. Loved this. I have plenty of those days too, and a partner who never stops wringing.

  3. Thank you both so much. It means a lot, really. :)

  4. Think I might add this to my favourites for my next grey day. I honestly thought this was a January blues post, so it was a nice surprise that it ended on a high! :)

  5. Some days are grey indeed...thank you for the literary sprinkle of colour :)

  6. I was sure that I commented on this, I am having problems with my phone and internet at the moment.
    It is a lovely piece of writing and I can so identify with everything you say, its the lowest time of year for all and these are also tough times that dont seem to have a light at the end for the moment ..keep writing I think it helps and you are excellent at it xx

  7. Thank you all so much. really glad you liked it. xxx

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    Have fun!
    Nice blog!