Basically she shat the bed

What is it about talking on the phone at work that always puts me on edge? Am I worried that it'll be someone talking to me in Spanish and I won't understand what they're saying? Or am I more concerned it'll be someone talking to me in Spanish and I will understand them, and I'll have to talk back to them?

Both cases mean I'll have to speak in my second language and my co-workers will hear me, and that makes me feel shy. It's something unexplainable, this silly little spider of worry spinning non-sensical webs in my ear. I'm not shy, why do I act like this?

My Spanish is fine. Not drop dead amazing with a capital MAZE, but it's fine. And my co-workers are nice. They wouldn't cuss me, laugh at me or ridicule me or put me down in any way for making a mistake. Yet still it remains. Kind of like a misplaced pride - the sort that kept me saying si, si si, for my first few years in Spain rather than admit I didn't know what the person was talking about, and ask them to repeat themselves.

Anyway, I don't know why I'm so worried about it, as the only person who really seems to call me at work is the bloke, and our conversations are usually so dull it's not worth listening in to. Well not usually, anyway.

A particular one this week really broke the mold. And I know my colleagues were all listening in, as they howled with laughter - like demented banshees - in the appropriate place. Can you guess where it is if I lay it out for you, as they would have heard it - one sided?

"Hola, fine yes…. Well basically she shat the bed… Yes, I put it in the washing machine… I don't know… runny…. a bit…. I don't know, did you feed her anything weird?… Well I didn't… she was fine this morning… I've got to go anyway… see you later… te quiero."

I was talking about our little dog Daniella, and you kind of get the idea from the conversation above. I don't have to clarify it do I? Really no. I've never really managed to talk quietly on the phone, that's why I usually leave the office if my mobile rings. But on this occasion I just threw caution to the wind. Guess I'm just still in holiday mode.

Or is 2011 going to be the year for caring less about what people think?


  1. I love the fact he knows how to use a washing machine ..amazing ..
    I used to be the same as you.. with the speaking Spanish thing..I became a lot more confident..but now I have forgotten so much I am awkward when speaking and would rather not try..Which is worse. I am determined to improve it again xx

  2. Hey Ruby,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. Actually, it was me who put it in the washing machine! He really doesn't know how to use one. Men eh?

    As for the Spanish, I'm sure you lose it quickly if you don't practice it. Living here is a big help indeed. xxx

  3. I think you must have picked up my dog-curse when you came to stay which makes all dogs want to crap/pies on my floor/rug/bed/slippers. Remember Rufus? And Mila? And Millington?

  4. Very good post. Even better post title.

  5. Jim, oh no, I forgot - i'll have to go see a witch doctor to get it lifted!

    Mr EW - he he he - glad it grabbed your attention. x

  6. There is no way the Bloke knows how to use a washing machine. Great post.

    Don't worry about making mistakes, just speak!

  7. Poor Daniella! And if it's any consolation I have exactly the same 'speaking on the phone at work' phobia as you do. Is it something cultivated in the Madrid office, I wonder?! Lots of love xxx

  8. Anonymous - thanks. Yes the day day he learns will be a very shocking one indeed.

    Al - how curious! Maybe it is the Madrid office disease! xxx

  9. I'm the same with the phone - especially if it's a ohone call from abroad that may require me to use my tiny little brain. I miss the days when phone conversation were for recaps of what happened in Eastenders and playground gossip.

  10. PS The verification word I just had to type was 'turdisan'. Haha. How apt!

  11. TbR - that's classic! He he he!