Daniella hates me

Why are you doing this to me? Haven't I always been good? I never bark, and I always go to my bed when you shout "a la cama" at me. I even spin round in a circle when you say "spin", even though it makes me look like a prize tit.

Ok, I know I beg for food and that really pisses you off, but I can't help it. And yes, I'll admit I scratch the hell out of the big white cold food box. But that's when you've both gone and I'm just bored. Can't you leave me in the room with the talking picture box instead?

You know I hate water. That's why I refuse to go in for a swim when you take me to the lake. Those other dogs who gallop in there in pursuit of sticks are just morons. There could be anything in there and it's just not nice.

So why do you insist on putting me in here every once in a while and spraying me with it and covering me with soapy stuff? You can see I'm not enjoying myself. Even when i cry you don't let me out.

You just wait till I get out of here. I'm going to do my special fat wobbling shake and cover you in dirty water.

And your whole house is going to STINK of wet dog. Ha ha.


  1. Gotta keep the old girl looking her best! x

  2. Ha ha, they look so funny when they have a bath. Why is it they look so fed up. Tried to wash a cat years ago that had been covered in paint. Still haunts me to think of those claws...

  3. Oh god, bathing a cat has to be a whole different ball game!

  4. Marcos Perez1/17/2011 1:43 pm



  5. Marcos - that is so cute! Pretty much the opposite from Daniella though.

  6. Marcos Perez1/19/2011 11:23 am

    We actually have a black tomcat which loves water too. Unfortunately, it hates me and is always trying to bite and scratch me. It might be because I accidentally stepped on it as a kitten and nearly killed it, or it might be because it was abandoned my its mother.

  7. There is nothing more adorable than a wet spaniel xx