Happy Crack, Bar Fanny and other silly names

****The cast is off but the hand is still a bit rubbish. Apparently I need ten sessions of physiotherapy! Anyway, another short one in the meantime - a short trip down memory lane, with hilarious pictures courtesy of the fantastic Jim. Who else would think of making a collection of rude bar names?*****

I've loved every single day of living in Spain. But it was still a real wrench getting up at 6am to go to work, back when I had businessmen and women to teach English to.

The train to Granollers, just short of an hour away from Barcelona, was grey and grim in the morning. It smelt of London in the winter. You could have been a commuter stepping off at London Bridge, especially the days you had to open your umbrella as you walked out into the pelting rain.

But the one thing that always cheered me up, stupidly so, was walking past Happy Crack on the way to the language school. Ridiculous name for a kebab shop. ridiculous name for anything really. But it always had me chuckling under my crappy umbrella as I splashed through puddles - put the day off on a good foot.

I never took a photo of it. It's probably shut down now and turned into something else with a regular name. I missed a trick there. But there are others - even better - still standing in Barcelona to this day. My good friend Jim has captured them for prosperity so thought I'd share them with you - hope you like them.


  1. We're moving very close to Bar Fanny soon. I was tempted to take a picture but I knew that someone else would have done so already.

  2. ha ha, great. I now live DIRECTLY opposite Bar Cuntis!
    Not exactly a bar name, but I saw this in a little French town we stayed in this summer.


    and another one in Portsmouth


  3. There's Dancing Fanny and Fuk Yu in Gran Canaria. I kid you not

  4. LOL brilliant .. I love your humour xx

  5. Yvonne - I bet there are millions of pics of Bar fanny floating around. they don't know how much free publicity they've got themselves just by having a ridiculous name!

    Jim - both those links take me back through to Bar Fanny?

    Lizziee - Fuk Yu is inspired!

    Wildernesschic - Thanks! xxx