Only in Spain

Most things you get used to. Dead bodies on the news don't get to you like they first did; dodgy men shouting "guapa" at you on the street fail to ruffle your feathers. But once in a while something is so off key that it really kicks you up the arse and makes you wonder if you're the only one thinking: Is this wrong?

The wrist is meaning I still can't write anything extensive, but I just had to share this advertisement with you, glimpsed over the bloke's shoulder while he was reading his sports paper. It's for an online betting website. The tagline simply says: "Addicted to football?" Amusing or morally wrong, or a bit of both? They probably couldn't get away with it in England, that's for sure.


  1. That is very funny, and you're right the politically correct crowd in England would have a field day. xx

  2. Definitely not in England. Didn't Robbie Fowler get fined for pretending to snort the line? I think so. But I may also have invented it, so don't take my word for it!

  3. Helena- great, isn't it! Really made me laugh.
    TbR- you're quite right, I remember that happening. Don't know in which part of his tiny brain he thought he'd get away with it!